What to Wear to an EDM Concert or Festival (2023 Guide)

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What to Wear to a EDM Concert or Festival

This is a guide covering what to wear to an EDM concert or festival.

You bought your ticket to your first festival or concert.

The excitement rises and impatience is high. You start planning according to the scenes and your favorite artists.

Everything is ready but you might have some questions.

What to wear to an EDM concert or festival? Is there a dress code? Do I have to come in special clothes? What to wear to an EDM concert? Let’s figure it out.

What is a Rave Outfit? Dress For Comfort and For Dancing

What is a Rave Outfit? Well, that’s what you’re gonna wear at a rave or a festival. The rave outfit is not to be confused with the nightclub dress code.

Indeed, a club can forbid you entry because of a not respected or neglected dress code unlike a festival or a rave where the dress code is non-existent.

There are still exceptions like Sensation White which are festivals with a very strict dress code (In this case, a dress code composed of white).

Despite great freedom when it comes to dress codes for festivals and raves, some unofficial dress codes are well known like the techno dress code composed mostly of black or the psytrance Dress code which has very colorful clothing and psychedelic forms.

So what to wear for a rave or festival? Several points are to be taken into account.

A festival or rave lasts several hours or even several days for the larger ones. The main thing is to wear clothes in which you feel good and in which you can express yourself.

Indeed, concerts, festivals, and raves are dynamic events where you will spend most of your time dancing.

Would you wear clothes that do not suit you or that clutter you? Of course not! So let’s take a look together at the best possible options.

This is a picture of festivalgoers dressing comfortably and having a good time and an insight into what to wear to an EDM concert.

What to Wear to an EDM Concert for Men

Tank Top, T-shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, … The list of outfits for men is long and gives us endless possibilities. What solutions do you use to make yourself feel better at an EDM concert, festival, or rave?

Rock a Comfortable Tank Top

First, let’s start from the top. For this, several options depending on your preferences but also depending on the temperature and the weather of the event.

Indeed, under the electric sky of EDC, in the middle of the desert, wearing a hoodie might be a little too much.

In this case, Tank Tops are the best option. There are a lot of different kinds. From the famous “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” to the top Tank of your favorite artists, you’re split for choice.

The Tank Top will allow you to be in style according to your tastes but also not keep you too hot while protecting you from sunstroke blows during daytime festivals like Tomorrowland for example. Tank top is a sure value for any EDM fan.

Here are some of the most popular tank tops for men and women.



Stand Out with Trippy Hoodies

If you are familiar with the world of raves then you already have in mind the “Trippy Hoodies”.

These sweaters that in addition to having the advantage of keeping you dry in case of rain and allowing you to bear the weather hazards more easily, draw attention to you thanks to their psychedelic patterns.

True icons de la culture EDM et du Dress code EDM, Trippy Hoodies are a real success in festivals in the so-called “aleatory” climate.

Some of these trippy hoodies also feature LEDs that can completely change the perception of your top at night.

Stay Comfortable with Pants, Joggers, and Shorts

Now, let’s finish our EDM outfit for men with an important piece. For the bottom, the choice is quite free. However, here are some recommendations.

Pants, joggers, and shorts are the most suitable but also the most practical stockings.

Many of these pants feature zippable pockets, a formidable accessory to avoid losing your phones, keys, or ID cards.

For jeans, they are resistant but they also bring a lot of heat to the body.

It can only be a detail indeed but when you are in the middle of a compact crowd, these same jeans could very quickly become an inconvenience.

All these elements are the main elements of the EDM outfit for men.

But when it comes to EDM outfits for women? Is it the same or does it have different codes and iconic clothes? Let’s see it together.

Joggers Men & Women:

Shorts for Men:

Shorts for Women:

What to Wear to an EDM Concert for Women?

Add Some Color with Crop Tops

As for men, crop tops are part of the EDM outfit for women.

Crop tops have the advantage of being neutral. This means that they can be carried in the majority by everyone.

This detail can be exploited. You will probably come across groups of friends or couples wearing the same crop top regardless of their gender.

Cool and comfortable, crop tops will be your best friends at raves, EDM concerts, and festivals because they will add color and fit perfectly with the rest of your EDM outfit thanks to their wide variety.

Show Some Skin Rave Bras and Booty Shorts

Imagine now, you are planning to participate in a festival in a warm place, in the middle of the desert for example.

You first think about crop tops but after reflection, they all seem too hot. What to do? Have you thought about Rave Bras and Booty Shorts?

These clothes are an integral part of the rave and festival landscape.

Like crop tops, there is a wide variety. Reflective, fluorescent, or “soft”, no matter the dominant color or style you want to bring to your outfits, the Raves Bras and Booty Shorts will fit perfectly to your outfit while offering you unparalleled freedom of movement.

A must if you are afraid of being too hot.

Rave Bras:

Rave Booty Shorts:

Make Your Booty Pop With Some Colorful Shorts and Leggings

A sure value that has survived the years by continuing to gain new followers, shorts & leggings are very popular stockings.

If these stockings are very popular, it is, of course, thanks to their diversity but also thanks to their practical aspect.

Indeed, the shorts and leggings cover you more or less according to your envy and climatic conditions.

These stockings are also quite thin and very resistant, which will allow you to move during the concert, festival, or rave without worrying about your look and state.

Now that your outfit is ready, let’s spice it up with some other stylistic touches.

Popular Rave Attire Accessories To Stand Out In the Crowd

Whether it is only aesthetic like masks, Kandis (pearl bracelets, necklaces, bandanas, etc. or artistic like hoops, LED gloves, bolas, etc.

If you are looking at what to wear to an EDM concert or festival consider wearing a mask.

The accessories are an integral part of the typical raver outfit. Indeed, this brings a special touch to your EDM outfit.

While some also bet on the aesthetic effect of accessories. Some learn to handle them and offer real shows around the stages.

If you’ve ever been to festivals like EDC or Burning Man, you may have seen festival-goers create small gatherings with their artistic talents.

If you have a talent, accessories such as hoops, bolas, or gloves can bring another dimension to the festival.

Pay attention to several things, though. First, be sure to always follow the safety instructions of the festival.

For some events, objects such as hula hoops may be prohibited. Finally, one element to think about is the difficulty of having it.

You will sometimes see in the crowd, appear large totems, massive. Although they are impressive, they can also be very bulky for you.

Note that there are hundreds of types of accessories, which leaves you with an abundance of choices. Still, wondering about the accessories you want to wear?

Why don’t you start with the most iconic: the glasses?

A must if you are afraid of being too hot.

Accessorize with Glasses and Goggles

Of all styles, of all shapes, the glasses are the essential accessory for concerts EDM, raves, or festivals.

There are two main types of glasses. The first type is “classic” glasses. These have just a stylistic purpose and do not play or play a minor role in your experience.

However, the second type does. Indeed, there is a second type of glasses that plays a huge role in your experience.

These are the effect glasses. In addition to bringing another touch to your outfit, it will also change your sight perception.

Unlike conventional glasses that have normal lenses, effect glasses have lenses that can multiply, accentuate, and change shapes and colors.

You will then have a psychedelic view, which will change your experience and perception. However, for both types of glasses, the variety and models offered are immense.

Sober, steampunk, futuristic, fluorescent, etc. By betting on this accessory, you are sure to find shoes for your foot.

Accessorize Your Hydration With The Best Hydration Packs for Raves and Festivals

Water is essential, and hydration packs are a great way to make sure you have an easy source of hydration while attending raves.

They act as a plus one to your creating rave gear and they can even help to improve your style.

When it comes to hydration packs, there are plenty of options available, so finding the right one for you can be daunting.

Luckily there’s no need to worry – with all the best packs at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect music festival and rave hydration pack that’ll keep you hydrated while jamming away through the night.

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Rave Glasses:

Rave Goggles:

Dressing for EDC vs. Dressing for Coachella

Now that your complete outfit is ready, here are two scenarios. Although it is true that there is no official dress code, there is an unofficial dress code for some festivals.

To do this, we will take the example of two iconic festivals: EDC and Coachella.

How to Dress for EDC

The EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnival) is well-known worldwide for many things. Among them, there is of course the lineup, the scenes, shows, etc but also the crowd.

EDC (here Las Vegas) distinguishes itself from other festivals by its ultra-colorful decors, the aisles of the festivals are filled with flashy, fluorescent, reflective colors.

The festival-goers assimilated it very well. At EDC the majority of festival-goers come dressed in extravagant outfits, usually light (Due to the heat in the Nevada desert).

Therefore, the preferred items will be colorful, flashy and fluorescent clothing and accessories. For EDC, you can let your creativity flow!

EDC Outfits for Men:

EDC Outfits for Women:

How to Dress for Coachella

Now let’s take a look at a very specific example, Coachella.

Compared to other festivals, Coachella sees itself not only as a music festival but as an “art & music festival” according to it.

As Coachella’s reputation has evolved over the years, it is now considered as an “influencers festival”.

Therefore, the look is much less extravagant than the EDC or the Ultra Miami. Fashion is at the center of the festival, so it will not be uncommon to see people wearing designer clothes.

Despite the fact that there’s no real dress code, put aside Kandis, sequins, and fluorescent clothes and opt instead for more sober outfits.

Denim shorts, dresses, summer shirts, and sunglasses are part of the stylistic landscape of Coachella and have established themselves over the years as the standard of the festival!

Coachella Outfits for Women:

Coachella Outfits for Men:

A picture of the iconic spaceman at Coachella music festival.


What do you wear to an EDM winter concert?

Warm layers, comfortable shoes, waterproof clothing, accessories, costumes, and rave gear.

Should I wear earplugs to an EDM concert?

Yes, wearing earplugs is recommended for an EDM concert to protect your hearing. EDM concerts are known for their loud music, which can lead to permanent hearing damage if exposed for a long time without protection.

Final Thoughts

You’re now ready for your first EDM concert, festival, or rave! Remember to always check the dress code instructions before each event to avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, many events remain quite open when it comes to the dress code. Finally, here is a very important reminder. 

As long as you feel good and don’t go against the event rules you have nothing to think about. If anyone (other than the organization) for any reason bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable with your outfit, contact the festival security team.

You will never be in trouble and these people have no place in the events. We just have to wish you a good event! Rise & Shine and have fun!

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