What is Dubstep


There are many genres in music, and they keep growing as technology advances throughout the years. Many decades ago, music … Read more

shrek rave

Shrek-Themed Rave

On August 12th, the “Swamps Across America” Tour was born. It started in San Francisco but will be making it’s … Read more

EDM Flavored Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola Creations, a platform by Coca-Cola that is releasing new products targeted towards Gen Z, has released an EDM-Inspired flavor … Read more

who is marshmello


DJ Marshmello is an electronic music producer, DJ, and internet personality from the United States. He originally gained popularity in … Read more

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calvin harris bio

Calvin Harris

Internationally renowned DJ, Calvin Harris, has built an incredible career for himself. Because he altered the significance of DJ sets … Read more

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Consumers within the United States have been extremely skeptical about electronic music since its inception. However, now it has gained … Read more

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