Flux Pavilion Gives Advice for Young Producers

Flux Pavilion, also known as Joshua Steele, is a well-known name within the EDM community.

Producing tracks such as “I Can’t Stop,” “Emotional,” and “Savage,” — he has paved the way for many dubstep artists.

It’s hard to believe we first listened to “I Can’t Stop” on the famous UKF Dubstep channel 11 years ago:

Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop

In his recent interview with Lisa Kocay on Forbes, he discusses his new track “(Never Gonna) Be Alone,” along with advice for those looking to step into the scene as a young producer.

When asked what advice he would give, he states that “Individualism,” is very important.

He goes on to state that “when you’re a new artist, you feel the pressure to write popular music…and I think you’re really denying yourself the opportunity to become really, really good at a thing no one else can figure [out].”

When also asked about the state of dubstep, he goes on to say that, “It’s not like there is no creativity in dubstep…It just isn’t creative in the way that I would like it to be. That’s totally fine.”

Flux Pavilion provides that as a reason for releasing his new single, stating, “I’m not saying dubstep is bad now…I’m saying there’s a certain arm of it that I really, really enjoyed…And I think it feels important to me to write that and make sure it’s out there…”

Flux Pavilion - (Never Gonna) Be Alone

We at the DITM team are loving the new single. Definitely sounds like classic dubstep. What do you guys think?

To read the full interview by Kocay, check it out here.

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