Crazy 7-Hour Dubstep Set in London by Skream & Mala

Skream and Mala put on a crazy 7-hour set at the popular London nightclub, KOKO.

The attendees at the event said the venue was rocking for the entirety of the set.

We don’t have footage of the full 7-hours, but you can check out the recap video by YouTube channel GetDarker:

Skream b2b Mala (all night) - KOKO London - 26.06.2022

To see an inside look of the dance floor during this night, check out some mosh pit footage by Jake Metcalfe:

Skream and Mala B2B ( Mosh Pit), 25th June 2022

Great to see mosh pits done right. Having fun but not too extreme where people are pushing and throwing each other.

Here’s another angle from DJ Oblig @djoblig:

Personally, I’ve never done a 7-hour set but I’m kind of itching for one now, especially after hearing that grimy UK bass mixed in with some classic vocals.

What do you guys think? Would you go to this 7-hour set?

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