App That Converts Dance Moves to Donations

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Desperados, a subsidiary of the Heineken Company, has created the Rave to Save app which incentivizes dancing by tracking user’s steps and converting them into charitable donations:

Peggy Gou DJ set - @Desperados Rave to Save | Women in Music & Stonewall | Ibiza 2022 | @Beatport

The Daily Mail reported that its launch was a big success in Ibiza and generated over €30,000.

Currently every 100 steps conerts into a €1 donation from the Desperados.

It seems the app activation sites have yet to come to the States however they are showing up in certain locations such as Elrow Town London and Elrow Town Amsterdam.

If the app were to become a global movement where the biggest music events sponsored the app, perhaps now we can tell our bosses we are skipping work to attend a festival for a good cause.