24-Hour Metaverse Rave?

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Sensorium Galaxy is a new Metaverse platform that has a 24-hour rave space built into it. (Don’t know what the Metaverse is? Check out this article I wrote about it).

On its launch, the channel generated 4 million views in its first 2 weeks on Youtube.

Here’s one of their promo vids featuring Steve Aoki:

Steve Aoki x Sensorium Galaxy

I don’t know how to feel about virtual raves. On one hand, I can see the benefits such as the ability for anyone to join anywhere in the world, or for those who are unable to travel physically being able to join a rave they’ve always wanted to attend.

I can imagine a future where there will still be physical raves but maybe there will be a stage or two where it’s all virtual.

I’m excited for the future of virtual raves and the EDM industry but I’m also hesitant, I mean, how will I be able to shake hands with the Wooks?