How Long Does It Take to Make an EDM Song?

EDM is a very popular musical genre nowadays. Every day we can find a new release in EDM either from a major label or indie artist on a streaming platform.

EDM songs become popular because they are easy to listen to and can be combined with different genres as well to create a fusion.

As someone who listens to EDM songs regularly, you may often think about the process behind the song. What happens behind it, the thought process, and how long does it take to make an EDM song.

Or you are dreaming of becoming an EDM musician yourself and wonder how much time you need to dedicate to make every song.

This article will give you an insight into the process behind EDM song making and how long it takes to create them.

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How Long Does It Take to Make an EDM Song?

There is no fixed answer to this question. It can take some a week, while it can take others one month. The time needed to make an EDM song depends on a lot of things such as the complexity of the music, the details, the length, and even the artist’s taste and the way they work.

Not to mention if they are working on a passion project and wanting perfection.

Meanwhile, the artist’s experience also takes a role in the making process. This does not necessarily mean that the more experienced the artist, the faster the making process.

Even the most experienced artists need more time to perfect their EDM song.

But as a beginner may take more time to produce a single song because they are still not familiar with the whole music production business.

Factors that Influence How Long It Takes to Make an EDM Song

More specific on that matter, we will discuss the factors that influence the time needed to produce an EDM song.

1. The Genre of the Song

There are several different genres under the term EDM. Each genre has its characteristic that may influence the time needed to produce the song.

Genres with simple beats and melody will take less time while genres that are more complex with a lot of details and complicated melody will take more time for sure.

Especially when it is a fused genre where they combine two or more genres into one song. There are a lot of instruments and layers of elements that need to be added to the song.

The artist may also need to record some instruments so it will need more time to gather all of the materials needed for the song.

If the song has lyrics, it will need a vocal recorded and it will take more time. Meanwhile, simple beats and background noises can be produced faster.

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2. Producer’s Experience

The producer’s experience plays a huge role for sure. If a producer is experienced in a specific genre, they can make a song on that genre easily and faster because they are already familiar with the flow.

Meanwhile, if a producer tries to make something new out of their comfort zone, they may need more time.

The producer’s experience also plays a role in the more technical aspects such as mixing and mastering.

A more experienced producer can do this works faster and more efficiently.

Meanwhile, it can also be done faster if the producer chooses to use an automatic mastering program.

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3. The Perfection

A lot of artists make music for a living. Some of them make as much music as they can in a brief period of time so they can get the money.

But some artists make music out of passion and they aim for perfection. This sometimes makes some musicians take a longer time to complete their song by adding more details and changing elements they do not feel right.

This process alone can take more time than the actual production.

4. The Gear

And let us not forget about the gear the musician uses. Some people say it is not about the gear, but the person behind it.

This can be true for some occasions, but most of the time, gear does help. If a musician has all the gear and instruments they need, it will be easier for them to produce the song.

If they have all the programs and plugins needed, it will also help them to produce the song quicker.

Of course, this does not mean that an aspiring artist with a single laptop cannot start to make their own music, but it may take them more time to get to the professional quality with well-polished final products.

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5. Technical Factor

Lastly, there is a technical factor such as the recording process, the elements used, and the producer choices.

Producers can choose to reuse a preexisting element on the new song or create the whole song from scratch. If the producer say reused a preexisting beat, it will make them finish the song faster compared to making the whole song from scratch.

They can also use different elements from different songs and remix them in a way to create a new song.

This is a widespread practice In EDM production and takes less time than producing the whole song from scratch.

Final Remarks

In short, there are a lot of things at play in the production of an EDM song. Some people say that around 25 hours is required to create a single EDM song which is pretty fast, but some other factors make the process not as easy as it looks.

The estimated time needed is for professional musicians that make music on a daily basis and not using any physical instruments so they can craft it on their computer.

Meanwhile, some artists record physical instruments and random sounds from their surroundings which cost them more time in production and editing.

Next time you listen to an EDM piece and wonder how long it takes to make that song, you may need to pay attention to the details and get a rough picture by the complexity of the song.

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