How Does EDM Affect The Brain?

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This is a guide that covers how EDM affects the brain.

The health, body, and mental benefits of music are well documented. Indeed, thanks to scientific advances, we are now able to know how music helps us at every moment of our lives.

However, if this is true for music in general, what about electronic music? Does this kind of music have positive or negative effects? let’s see together How Does EDM affect the brain! 

What happens to our body when we listen to music?

We are all sensitive to music. But how does it act on the body?

If this has remained at the stage of mystery for centuries, thanks to the progress of science, it is now possible to know what is happening in the body when we listen to music.

Japanese researchers were able to verify that listening to music activates the production of dopamine (the pleasure hormone) which in turn inhibits the activity of the sympathetic nervous system thereby reducing blood pressure. 

A girl enjoying her music.

What makes electronic dance music special

Why should you listen to electronic music rather than another style of music?

Well, unlike other genres. EDM is probably the most varied genre, ranging from slow tempo 80 bpm for chill music to more than 200BPM for faster music like hardcore or Frenchcore.

Not only does EDM have a huge variety of BPM levels, but it also has a wide range of genres.

Whether you need relaxation or motivating music to boost your performance, you can be sure that with EDM you will always find something to listen to that suits you right now.

Is this some kind of magic?

No, it’s called edm psychology and we’ll see together how it affects us on many points.

Positive effect of listening to electronic dance music 

Avoid Distractions and increase Focus

Doesn’t the Mozart effect ring a bell? Well, that’s the name of the effect that influences concentration and tasks performed by people who work in music.

In fact, according to a 1993 Canadian study, people who work in music would be more likely to work better because they perform their duties with more enthusiasm.

However, it is important to listen to a style of music that you like for this effect to work.

A girl focusing.

Boosts performance

In addition to making time pass faster, listening to EDM during physical activity would have effects on endurance and motivation.

According to Dr. Jeannette Bicknell, “music can help us work longer by increasing physical capacity and performance!”

Indeed, fast tempo music like Drum n Bass or Hardstyle music are more likely to boost performance due to their lively vibe.

EDM improves mood

Dopamine. When we listen to music, this hormone is released into the brain thus improving our happiness.

Thanks to this simple action, EDM makes it possible to transform a sad mood into a joyful one. However, one must feel the need to be happy.

A sad person will not necessarily feel this change of mood. It is also true that a happy mood can very quickly turn into a euphoric mood!

Stimulates the brain

Do you remember the first music you heard at your first EDM rave or festival? I’m sure you do! Well, here’s the explanation.

By releasing dopamine into the area of the brain connected to the feeling of ‘reward’, it would facilitate the formation of the association and thus memories.

Helps with performance in the gym workout

According to a study by Karageorghis in the Journal Of Sports Exercise Psychology, music helps push its own limits and continues despite fatigue.

Indeed, the article even specifies that endurance has even increased by about 15%.

The opposite is also possible when listening to music that we do not like during a workout.

By doing this, music can have a negative effect on muscle performance. Having a good playlist keeps you motivated and works effectively. 

EDM Reduces Stress and Helps With Relaxation

EDM, a good way to reduce stress? Yes! It has been shown by several researchers that listening to music has beneficial effects on stress response.

Does cortisol speak to you? It is a major stress hormone. Listening to EDM helps to lower its level in the nervous system.

Finally, it was also shown in a study by Dr Alexandra Linneman that listening to EDM in the presence of others is associated with an increase in positive emotions and sense of belonging to a social group.

As for the relaxation aspect, it is well known that some music has a beneficial effect on the calmness of someone.

Indeed, listen to quiet sub-genres of EDM as chill helps to relax causing a drop in blood pressure to diffuse a feeling of well-being in the body and mind.

A girl enjoying edm music which has an impact on people's mood.

Medicinal and therapeutic effects of electronic dance music

“Music softens morals”. We have heard this proverb many times, but is it true?

Know that there is a form of medicine that relies exclusively on music and its benefits, music therapy.

Music therapy is the effective use of music and musical elements by a “music therapist”.

It will promote, maintain or restore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health through the powers of music.

Indeed, music is a universal language that makes it possible to facilitate contact and interaction between people.

Music is not only intended to help but also to accompany people undergoing medical treatment.

Music therapy is therefore a form of alternative medicine designed to help patients in many areas.

Why do people like EDM?

There’s multiple reasons why people like EDM.

Some of these reasons can be sentimental because it brings us back to a memory of someone or a particular moment.

One of the reasons people like EDM is that it’s very diverse.

Indeed, there is something for everyone and it is easy to be carried along with discoveries.

In addition to the social aspects, EDM brings with it many benefits to the body as well as the mind.

Whatever the events or your feelings, there will always be a sub-type of edm that can fits you.

Final thoughts

The benefits to the body and spirit of music are well known.

With these now known effects, we can realize that EDM is the perfect style of music to trigger these benefits.

Thanks to the wide variety of sub-genres that EDM offers, it is possible to switch from one state, from one emotion to another without worries.

Whether you need energy or calm.

Concentration or time to let go, there will always be a sub-genre of EDM for you.

It is the same for other effects on the body such as increased strength and endurance as we have seen previously.

In conclusion, EDM will be there whenever you need it to help you with different tasks.