Does Skrillex Sing? The Answer Will Surprise You

JD Rinehart

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does skrillex sing

Skrillex is a world-renowned dubstep producer, but does he also sing? The answer may surprise you.

Though Skrillex is primarily known for his work as a producer, he has actually dabbled in singing throughout his career. He has been known to sing live during his DJ sets, often mixing his own vocals with tracks that he is playing.

Here’s an example of him singing Mind, a song he made with Jack Ü:

However, it is important to note that Skrillex is not primarily a singer. The vast majority of his music is instrumental, and he typically only uses his vocals as another instrument in his productions. As such, he is not usually the lead vocalist on his own tracks.

Does Skrillex Sing?

So, does Skrillex sing? The answer is yes, but not as often or as prominently as he produces.

Skrillex Used to be in a Band

Skrillex used to be in a band called “From First to Last.”

Before he was known as Skrillex, Sonny Moore was the lead singer for the post-hardcore band From First to Last. He was with the group from 2004 to 2007, and during that time they released two albums: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount (2004) and Heroine (2006).

If you listen to From First to Last’s music, you can definitely hear Skrillex’s influence. The band’s sound is very heavy and aggressive, with lots of screaming and distorted guitars. This would eventually become Skrillex’s signature sound as a producer.