DJs Will Start Playing in Airports?

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On a popular flying forum, Flyer Talk, a member of the forum wrote that he was in the Dallas Sky Club and they had a DJ booth with a DJ playing in the lounge.

Many people in the forum were shocked and had negative things to say. Most stating that they want to just relax in the lounge and listen to their own music.

Another popular flying blog, Eye of the Flyer, reached out to a Delta spokesperson to learn more about DJs in the lounge area.

The spokesperson stated, “Select Delta Sky Clubs offer occasional ‘surprise and delight’ activations for guests. The activations, which can include live music, DJs, specialty food offerings and more, are locally produced and managed by the individual, local Club teams.”

Listen, I’m all for a good DJ set, but I don’t know if I’d enjoy a DJ set when I’m trying to relax in the lounge area before a flight.

Plus, I can see it getting really crowded and congested in the lounge area with people wanting to check out the DJ.

Perhaps if it was some mellow house music I could get into it, but imagine some hardcore dubstep in the airport?

Yeah, I’m good this time c h i e f.