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What is a Rave? 3 Reasons People Love Raves and EDM

JD Rinehart

What is a Rave? Within the world of Electronic Dance Music and popular culture today the word “rave” is slang ...

What is a Rave Slave? 5 Personas and Signs You Know One

JD Rinehart

A rave slave as the word might suggest is an EDM enthusiast who is beholden to all things electronic dance ...

What is a Rave Bae?

JD Rinehart

Are you looking for your perfect rave partner Rave Bae you can share your love for Electronic Dance Music and ...

Please don't feed the wooks

What is a Wook? Everything You Need to Know

JD Rinehart

What is a Wook? If you’ve ever been to an EDM festival or spent any time scrolling through EDM meme ...

what is kandi in raves

What is Kandi? How do You Trade Them at Raves?

JD Rinehart

Kandi is a popular part of rave culture, and it’s not just a piece of jewelry. Kandi is a unique ...

What is a Drop in EDM

What is a Drop in EDM? Everything You Need to Know

JD Rinehart

The “drop” is one of the most exciting and anticipated moments in electronic dance music (EDM) and is a defining ...

headliner lights at a concert

What is a Headliner at a Concert? What Do They Do?

JD Rinehart

A headliner is typically the most popular act at a concert and can be anyone from a solo artist to ...

woman holding rave moms sign

What is a Rave Mom? The 3 Signs to Spot One

JD Rinehart

Are you a rave mom? If so, you know the importance of staying hydrated and well-fed while you’re dancing all ...

two djs playing b2b

What is B2B in EDM? (Back-to-Back)

JD Rinehart

B2B in EDM is a term you may have heard thrown around, but you might not know what it is. ...

people dancing to a banger at a nightclub

What is a Banger in Music?

JD Rinehart

Have you ever heard someone use the term “banger” in regard to music and wondered what it meant? A banger ...

plur (1)

What is PLUR in EDM? What Does it Stand For?

JD Rinehart

In this article, we’ll be discussing PLUR and what it means within the context of EDM and raves. This motto ...