Trance Music

How to Make Trance Music in 10-Steps

How to Make Trance Music in 10-Steps: (2023 Pro Guide)

JD Rinehart

“For trance music to be good, it has to sneak up on you.” – Greg Gutfeld Many trance music lovers ...

What is Trance Music

What is Trance Music? (18 Different Types of Trance Music)

JD Rinehart

The birth of electronic music brought with it various unique genres. Of these new styles, trance music is a notable ...

15 Best Trance DJs

15 Best Trance DJs You Need to Hear: Songs Included (2023)

JD Rinehart

What we dream is all that matters, right? Trance takes you to such a place. Trance takes you higher than ...

goa trance

What is Goa Trance? How Did it Originate?

JD Rinehart

What is Goa Trance? Goa Trance is a form of electronic music that originated in Goa, India. The music is ...