What is Dubstep

What is Dubstep?

JD Rinehart

There are many genres in music, and they keep growing as technology advances throughout the years. Many decades ago, music ...

what is riddim dubstep

What is Riddim Dubstep and Why is it Called That?

JD Rinehart

“Not all dubstep is riddim, but all riddim is dubstep” is often said by those in the EDM community. What ...

How To Make Dubstep Music: #10 Tips (2022 Beginners Guide)

JD Rinehart

This is a guide covering how to make dubstep music. When it comes to electronic dance music, one cannot deny ...

is dubstep dead

Is Dubstep Dead? Let’s Look at the Data

JD Rinehart

Is Dubstep Dead? Dubstep has been around for over a decade, and in that time it has seen its ups ...