EDM Genres

What is Dubstep

What is Dubstep?

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There are many genres in music, and they keep growing as technology advances throughout the years. Many decades ago, music ...

What is Garage House Music?

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Garage House Music Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a club, grooving to an old-school beat that ...

What is Dutch House Music?

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When it comes to Electronic Dance music EDM, the Netherlands can be considered a country that has contributed the most ...

Deadmau5's cube stage and legendary progressive house sounds.

What is Progressive House?

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What Is Progressive House? Progressive house is a subgenre of electronic dance music that originated in the early 1990s and ...

What is Acid House?

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What Is Acid House? Acid house is a style of electronic dance music that first appeared in the mid-80s and ...

What is Moombahton

What is Moombahton?

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You may not be familiar with the term moombahton, but you may have heard the music especially since the day ...

Big Room House: Everything You Need to Know

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What is Big Room House Music? Big room house music is a powerful and energetic subgenre that saw an explosion ...

How to make techno music

How to Make Techno Music in 8 Steps (2023 Guide)

JD Rinehart

This is a guide that covers how to make techno music. Have you been looking to learn how to make ...

How to Make Trance Music in 10-Steps

How to Make Trance Music in 10-Steps: (2023 Pro Guide)

JD Rinehart

“For trance music to be good, it has to sneak up on you.” – Greg Gutfeld Many trance music lovers ...

What is Grime Music

What is Grime Music? Understanding British Grime (2023 Guide)

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Music is a form of art that is flexible and keeps evolving. The birth of new genres and sub-genres is ...

What is Lo-Fi Hip Hop

What is Lo-fi Hip Hop? Why is it So Popular?

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Unless you are living without internet access, you must already have heard about lo-fi hip hop. It is a new ...

What is Hardstyle

What is Hardstyle?

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The cultural impact of hardstyle music can never be denied. As a sub-genre of EDM (electronic dance music), hardstyle is ...


What is House Music? Everything You Need to Know

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House music is a genre that has been taking the world by storm for over three decades. With its pounding ...

10 Best Techno DJs You Need to Hear

10 Best Techno DJs You Need to Hear: Songs Included (2023)

JD Rinehart

In this all-new DJ overview and guide you’ll learn about the best techno DJs you need to start listening to ...

What is Hardcore Techno?

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What is Hardcore Techno? Hard Techno (most commonly known as hardcore) is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged ...

Electro House featured image

What is Electro House? 6 Characteristics To Listen For

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What is Electro House?  Electro house is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre that took festivals and clubs by storm ...

What is Gabber Music?: A Beginners Guide

JD Rinehart

What is Gabber Music? Are you ready to dive into one of the most influential EDM genres in dance music ...

what is riddim dubstep

What is Riddim Dubstep and Why is it Called That?

JD Rinehart

“Not all dubstep is riddim, but all riddim is dubstep” is often said by those in the EDM community. What ...

What is Techno

What is Techno Music? The Ultimate Guide

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In this techno wonderland, We lose ourselves, our feet take command. A world of energy, a world of light, We ...

what is deep house music

What is Deep House Music? 6 Characteristics of Deep House

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Deep House music has been a staple in the world of electronic dance music for many years, providing a soulful ...

What is Trance Music

What is Trance Music? (18 Different Types of Trance Music)

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The birth of electronic music brought with it various unique genres. Of these new styles, trance music is a notable ...

What is Drum and Bass

What is Drum and Bass?

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We hear a lot about EDM and its sub-genres that are popular nowadays. Even though the term EDM only seems ...

15 Best Trance DJs

15 Best Trance DJs You Need to Hear: Songs Included (2023)

JD Rinehart

What we dream is all that matters, right? Trance takes you to such a place. Trance takes you higher than ...

Who Is Techno Viking Everything You Need To Know

Who Is The Techno Viking? (What Happened to Him)

JD Rinehart

Are you one of those who have encountered seeing a man calling himself the “Techno Viking”? If yes, you are ...

what is vaporwave

What is Vaporwave?

JD Rinehart

What is Vaporwave? That’s a question I asked myself when I first came across the genre a few years back. ...

what is chicago house music

What is Chicago House Music? The Birth of an Era

JD Rinehart

If you’re a fan of house music, then you need to know about the Chicago house scene. This scene is ...

What is Trap Music

What is Trap Music? (Why It’s So Popular)

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Trap music is no stranger to the partygoers of today. Along with the rise of young rappers, trap music is ...

What is Downtempo Music

What is Downtempo Music?

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If you are familiar with streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube Music, iTunes, and others, it is quite easy for ...

What is a Breakbeat

What is a Breakbeat?

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Originally, breakbeats occurred in funk and disco songs. Today, however, they are popular in modern EDM and other well-known genres, ...

How To Make Dubstep Music: #10 Tips (2022 Beginners Guide)

JD Rinehart

This is a guide covering how to make dubstep music. When it comes to electronic dance music, one cannot deny ...

goa trance

What is Goa Trance? How Did it Originate?

JD Rinehart

What is Goa Trance? Goa Trance is a form of electronic music that originated in Goa, India. The music is ...

is dubstep dead

Is Dubstep Dead? Let’s Look at the Data

JD Rinehart

Is Dubstep Dead? Dubstep has been around for over a decade, and in that time it has seen its ups ...

liquid drum and bass

What is Liquid Drum and Bass? And Why is it Called That?

JD Rinehart

In this article, we will be taking a look at the genre of liquid drum and bass and discuss what ...

how to dance to drum and bass

How to Dance to Drum and Bass? (And Not Look Like a Fool)

JD Rinehart

If you’re new to the world of drum and bass, or just want to know how to dance to it ...

How To Make House Music

How To Make House Music: 9 Tips and Artists for Inspiration

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This is a guide covering how to make house music and in this guide we have included 9 tips and ...

phonk dj

What is Phonk and Why is It So Popular?

JD Rinehart

In the realm of music, genres come and go, each with its own unique flavor and allure. But phonk, dear ...

vaporwave aesthetic

Is Vaporwave Dead? Let’s Look at the Data

JD Rinehart

Vaporwave, a genre of music and overall aesthetic that exploded in popularity in the early 2010s, seems to be dying. ...

What is Synthwave

What is Synthwave?

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Born from the very heart of the retrowave movement, Synthwave music has undergone rapid transformation since it was first identified ...

Tech House

Tech House: Everything You Need To Know

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What Is Tech House? Tech house is a subgenre of house music at a tempo that ranges from 120 – ...