Best Body Paints for Raves – Top 10 Picks (2023 Ultimate Guide)

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This is a guide covering the best body paints for raves.

Need I tell you that color certainly brings life to anything it is put on?

Especially, when it goes along with your body it most definitely kindles the spark of excitement.

Choosing the right body paint for yourself can often be a tricky task but you are in luck as you don’t have to get caught up with the tones and vibrancies of body paints or compare the convenience that multiple body paints have to offer.

This article contains a list of top-notch body paints for raves which are available online in different styles such as UV Glow body paints, highlighting the quality and diversity that a body paint kit has to offer.

So let’s jump right in.

In a hurry? Here’s the quick rundown:

How to Choose the Best Body Paint for Raves?

UV Reactive: Look for body paints that are UV reactive, as these are specifically designed to be visible under black lights, which are often used in rave environments.

Quality: Look for body paints that are made with high-quality ingredients, as this will ensure that the paint goes on smoothly, evenly, and lasts for the duration of the event.

Non-Toxic: Look for body paints that are non-toxic, as you want to avoid any adverse reactions on your skin.

Easy to Apply: Choose body paints that are easy to apply and remove, as you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort getting ready for the rave.

Variety of Colors: Consider body paints that come in a variety of colors, as this will allow you to choose the colors that best match your style and mood.

10 Best Body Paints and Glitter for Raves

1. UV Glow’s Black Light Body Paint

UV Glow’s Black light Body Paint

Paint Features:

  • Blacklight Reactive
  • 6 Bright Neon Dayglow Colours
  • Quick Dry

Kicking things off with body paint in the black light category.

This paint is intensely glaring and ideally reactive when you are in a dark surrounding.

The bright and beautiful paint is prominent because of its premium quality.

The package comes in with 6 vibrant colors in tubes which makes it easy to apply them to your body.

Well, that is not it because the paint shines equally brighter in daylight.

When you are back home from your party worn out, the idea of scrubbing the paint off may exhaust you but don’t go to bed just yet as this paint would hardly take any time to wash off and dry.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Excellent glow
  • Up to six vibrant colors
  • The paint has an excellent duration (until purposely rubbed off)
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Excellent pigment volume

My Cons With this Paint:

  • The tubes are small in size meaning they carry lesser paint.

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2. Athena Oil Face and Body Paint for Raves

Athena Oil Face and Body paint for Raves

Next in line we have a bag full of glaring color paints or in this case a palette full.

UCANBE store presents us with up to 20 vibrant colors which upon mixing and experimentation can result in elegant tones.

The vertical edges of the palette are filled with black and white color paint which saves your purchase of extra ones.

The oil paint is waterproof which means your creative color blending work will not fade away as easily as you might think.

This paint is suitable for all types of skin, which is the answer to a common question “Will it give me skin allergies“?

My Pros With this Paint:

  • 20 vibrant colors
  • Great room for experimentation
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Includes black and white paint in the palette
  • Oil-based

My Cons With this Paint:

  • The paint is tricky to put on and take off
  • Requires professional make up remover to scrub off the paint


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3. Midnight Glo’s Black Light Face and Body Paints for Raves

Midnight Glo’s Black Light Face and body paints for raves

Paint Features:

  • Blacklight Reactive
  • 6 Bright Neon Dayglow Colors
  • Safe for Face and Body

Black Light glow gives your skin a gleaming touch which makes it something we can never have enough of.

This product is made in the states which bond it with a premium standard.

If you are looking for quick and easy body paint then this is a must-have in your body paint kit.

The paint glows both day and night and is available in 6 vibrant colors, this time however in bottles instead of tubes.

This paint delivers a smooth and glossy texture with as much as zero toxicants to worry about.

The package contains 6 bottles but you can choose to increase the bottle size or the number of bottles.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Excellent color vibrancies
  • Decent amount of paint
  • Long-lasting paint
  • Does not wear off in sweat
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Easy to rinse off

My Cons With this Paint:

  • The paint has a certain smell to it which one might dislike.
  • Takes comparatively more time to dry
  • Some colors don’t glow as much as the others


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4. Set of 12 Face and Body Paints for Raves by Moon Creations

Set of 12 Face and Body paints for raves by Moon Creations

Paint Features:

  • Water Based Paint
  • Safe

Have you just started out?

If you are on your way to make your first body paint purchase then this paint is your go-to.

The paint’s convenient use to put on and take off makes it ideal for beginners.

Moon Creation offers us 12 different colored paints in this package. The tubes make certain of a decent paint volume and easy access.

Furthermore, the ingredients that are mixed to make these vibrant color paints are all in compliance with the policies set by the EU, FDA, and Health Canada.

This assures the absence of any intoxicants.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Can be applied easily (using a sponge or equivalent)
  • Available in up to 12 glowing colors
  • Great pigment volume
  • Safety ensured
  • Perfect for beginners

My Cons With this Paint:

  • The tubes only carry a fine amount of paint
  • Layering has room for improvement (The opacity of the paint is moderately lower)
  • The colors in the package may not blend as smoothly as expected

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5. GARYOB’s Glow in the Dark Face Body Paints for Raves

GARYOB’s Glow in the dark face body paints for raves

Paint Features:

  • Glows Brightly under UV Lighting
  • Suitable for both day and night use

If the first and third in the list failed to impress you then this might be it for you.

When talking about Black light paints it is extremely important to make sure that the colors are as bright as possible.

This paint offers 6 vibrant colors to blend and experiment with. The paint works very well for both a pro and a beginner.

You can be creative and come up with shapes using this paint or just paint a few simple stripes on yourself.

The paint has the ability to make each of them look equally glorious.

In addition, the paint is completely harmless and free from toxicants.

You surely can carry it around at your next rave as it does not require any special storage.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Six vivid colors
  • Equally bright dayglow
  • Sensitive skin-friendly
  • Free from harmless toxicants
  • Does not require special storage

My Cons With this Paint:

  • Some colors are more reactive to UV light than others
  • As the paint is in tubes, the volume is compromised
  • Takes comparatively more time to dry

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6. Black Light Reactive Neon Fluorescent Paint by ILC Store

Black light Reactive Neon Fluorescent Paint by ILC Store

Paint Features:

  • Glow Brightly under Backlight
  • Non Toxic & Kind to Skin

Here is an opportunity to push your body paint kit by buying in bulk.

If you adore glow-in-the-dark paints as much as I do then you will find yourself impressed by the quality of this body paint.

You might think that this is just another blacklight reactive body paint but don’t skip just yet.

This paint glows 24/7 reflecting off lush and colorful tones.

In addition, the paint is free from any harmful chemicals that can smell horrible and cause skin damage.

Apart from 6 different colored bottles in the package, you get a bonus of a friendly service by the seller who gives a money-back guarantee if by any chance you find this paint undesirable.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Glow in the dark
  • Excellent duration
  • Free from toxicants
  • Up to 6 gleaming colors
  • Excellent paint volume

My Cons With this Paint:

  • Some colors are more reactive to UV light than others
  • A quality tip is required to apply this paint
  • Leaves stains on clothes if applied by mistake


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7. CHARMCODE Face and Body Paints for Raves (OIL Paint)

CHARMCODE Face and Body paints for raves (OIL paint)

Paint Features:

  • 15 Colors Paint Oil
  • Vivid Colors
  • No Stained Skin

Are you someone who prefers palette over bottles or tubes but desire the same quality?

This can very well be the paint that keeps you company at your next music festival.

The oil paint contains 15 different glowing colors spread across a rectangle palette.

The palette includes black and white colors to save you extra time.

Apart from the colors being vibrant, they last for an exceptionally long amount of time.

However, you can remove the paint whenever you wish with the help of a professional makeup remover or simply olive oil.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • 15 vibrant colors in the palette
  • Excellent duration
  • Friendly to sensitive skin
  • Free from intoxicants
  • Great pigment volume

My Cons With this Paint:

  • Comparatively harder to apply as it requires lotion and Q tips
  • Requires professional make up remover to take off
  • The quantity of black and white colors is the same as the rest of the colors (These colors are more frequently used)


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8. JOYIN’s Face and Body Crayons

JOYIN’s Face and Body Crayons

Paint Features:

  • 24 Bright Colors
  • Easy On & Easy Off
  • Safe for Children

If your kids are having a party at home, which may as well be a Halloween or a dance party, then this paint is the perfect party supply.

The package includes 24 shinny colors inked inside crayons and nothing is easier to apply than crayons.

Six of these colors have a metallic touch to them which makes things interesting.

This value pack can come in handy on multiple occasions apart from parties too.

If you are worried about any skin infection that your kids may inherit then you will be relieved to know that this product meets all the safety standards set by the FDA.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • 24 bright colors
  • Excellent color quality and duration
  • Easy to Apply and take off
  • Works great with sensitive skin
  • Safety Certified

My Cons With this Paint:

  • A certain imbalance amongst the brightness of different colors
  • Crayons are very soft and hence need to be handled with care
  • Cannot be used professionally


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9. CCBEAUTY’s Professional Face and Body Paints for Raves

CCBEAUTY’s Professional Face and Body paints for raves

Paint Features:

  • High Pigmented
  • Water Proved

This body paint is for people who are very serious when it comes to body and face painting and thus you can refer to this as the professional’s kit.

The Oil-based paint comes in a thick palette in a rectangular shape.

The product comes in two tonal variants and you can choose whichever you deem fit for your next show.

Other than the 12 vivid colors spread across the palette, the package includes a set of 10 brushes of different lengths and thicknesses.

Although this product works very well with sensitive skin, the seller recommends a skin patch test before applying the paint.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Oil-based
  • 12 vibrant colors
  • 2 tonal variants
  • Includes 10 brushes
  • Excellent with sensitive skin
  • Waterproof

My Cons With this Paint:

  • The product may include toxicants so it needs to be applied with extreme cautious
  • Takes a lot of time for the paint to dry
  • Requires professional make up remover to take off
  • Does not favor darker skin tones


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10. SNAZAROO’s Classic Face and Body Paint

SNAZAROO’s Classic Face and Body paint

Paint Features:

  • Easy On/Off
  • Safe for Skin

Since throughout the list we have looked at paints that come in sets of 6, 12, and sometimes more, bringing in a single color paint would be a nice farewell to the list.

SNAZAROO delivers paints in up to 54 different colors.

If you wish to purchase more colors you then can do so.

One advantage of these over sets is that now we have a greater volume of each paint with in a flat circled can.

The paint is friendly to sensitive skin and the production process follows the policies set by the health department.

Let’s get down to the pros and cons.

My Pros With this Paint:

  • Single color in a single package
  • Up to 54 vibrant colors
  • Greater volume
  • Skin-friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Good for both professional and personal use

My Cons With this Paint:

  • Harder to take off
  • Customer service not as friendly
  • Paint opacity has room for improvement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does body paint wash off?

Yes, most body paints can be washed off with soap and water. The ease of removal may depend on the type of paint (oil-based, water-based, etc.), the manufacturer, and how long the paint has been on the skin. Some body paints are formulated to be easily removed while others may be more difficult to remove and may require additional cleaning products.

How long does body paint last on your body?

The longevity of body paint on your skin can depend on a number of factors, such as the type of paint used, the conditions you are in (e.g. humidity, temperature, etc.), and how often you touch or rub the painted area.

If you are new to body paints then we recommend you get a taste of it as soon as you can.

Body paints are now emerging to be dominant in festival fashion more than they’ve ever been.

With hundreds of paints available online, it is truly hard to choose the most suitable and sustaining paint for yourself but we had the pleasure of doing it for you.

With life getting back to usual, we bet it’s time to assemble your body paint kit.

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